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Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

65, Via S. Maria della Porta 


Palazzo Rossini Lucangeli









Opening time

9 am. to 12 pm. from Monday to Saturday 
Tel. +39 0733 239717



Macerata Museums 

+39 0733 271709

+39 0733 256361






The museum started its the activities in 1973, the year in wich the founders and curators of the museum, Romano and Rita Dezi, presented their fascinating study on paleontology through a series of display and talk. Since 1993 the museum has been housed on the ground floor and the basement area of Palazzo Rossini Lucangeli.

It is made up of geology and stratigraphical sections of the Marche Region; the palaeontological section with fossils from different countries all over the world, as well as mineralogy, entomology, ornithology, and malacological sections. All the material is illustrated with explanatory boards. There is Also a little Botanical Garden for visitors to enjoy.   


Comune di Macerata piazza LibertÓ, 3 - 62100 Macerata
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